Our Neighbors: Weymouth Textiles’ School Box Program

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Since 2006, Weymouth Public Schools have partnered with Bay State Textiles’ School Box Program. Bay State Textiles installed textile bins at all of Weymouth’s schools, and pays $100/ton for collected materials. As of last month, the resulting partnership had diverted 481 tons of useful material, and earned Weymouth Public Schools nearly $50,000. Additionally, it has kept these materials out of the trash, saving the Town another $50,000 in disposal costs.

Weymouth Public Schools launched their textile recycling program as a contest between the schools. The district engaged various community businesses and institutions to sponsor a $500 bonus award to the top performing school based on student ratio. The school administration has continuously publicized the program through the Weymouth Public Schools website, Weymouth Pride Newsletter, banners, flyers at schools and community partners locations, public cable “information scrolls”, press releases, and phone calls.

Read more about the implementation of this program in the Weymouth Public Schools Textile Recycling Case Study published by the MassDEP.