From the Mayor: “Use Less and Green the Rest”

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(Below is and excerpt. Read full article about Newton climate action plan here)

Use Less and Green the Rest
The plan reflects the strategic mantra: “Use less and green the rest.”
“Using less” will require us to increase energy efficiency in all buildings through electrification and insulated building envelopes; develop walkable and transit-oriented neighborhoods and business districts; reduce reliance on single occupancy gas and diesel vehicles; increase our biking, walking, and use of shared rides and public transportation; and minimize our “embodied carbon” emissions (the greenhouse gas emissions associated with extracting, manufacturing, and transporting materials for buildings, vehicles, roads, etc.).
“Greening the rest” means using renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind) instead of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil to generate clean electrical power; electrifying everything we can – building heating and cooling systems, vehicles and transportation systems; and capturing carbon from the atmosphere by expanding our street tree canopies and forested spaces.
By Mayor Fuller, Aug 23, 2019