Sustainability Coordinator for NPS

School Connection members are concerned about sustainable standards in Newton Public Schools (NPS). We observe that environmental practices are not institutionalized in our schools and we believe that the best way to address this issue is to hire a dedicated Sustainability Coordinator for Newton Public Schools.

NPS needs a person dedicated to district-wide sustainability efforts so that waste, recycling and energy issues in schools are more coordinated and sustained. Such a coordinator could help the schools make changes that would save the district money, but, maybe even more importantly, it would also demonstrate to students and city residents that the district is committed to the lessons it teaches students about sustainability and climate change.

What we have done so far:

  • Petition to the Mayor and School Committee – See here
  • Gathered 139 signatures supporting the letter
  • Presented the letters to the December 10th 2018 meeting of the School Committee – See here
  • Presented to the School Committee with the opportunity to apply for a MassDEP grant – See here
  • Supported a School Recycling Policy proposed by the School Committee (which is necessary to receive the grant)
  • Worked with NPS and Newton’s Department of Public Works to prepare MassDEP grant application (application sent in June 2019)