2019 School Committee Question 2

2. In your decision making about the Newton Public Schools, where would you place environmental sustainability among your priorities? 

Please note: The responses from those who accepted our invitation to answer in writing are listed alphabetically.

Margaret Albright  |  Ruth Goldman Emily Prenner | Galina Rosenblit  |  Kathy Shields

Margaret Albright

Yes, sustainability is a priority.

Ruth Goldman

Environmental sustainability is an important priority as we move forward with facility operations, renovations and updates to aging, often inefficient buildings.  Sustainability work at NPS is very connected to the work at the city and outside contractors as many operational issues are entwined with the city:  transportation, walkability, recycling, food service etc.  We have established committees working in all these areas:  transportation, general sustainability and food services, which will work with our new food service vendor.

Emily Prenner

Sustainability should always be priority – especially around new school building projects, increased recycling at individual schools, as well as working with our food service vendor on food recovery – either composting or donating unused food to local nonprofits for consumption, and eliminating single use plastic.  The good news is sustainability has already been added to the Systemwide Goals for this year, and the School Committee recently added a policy on recycling.

Galina Rosenblit

It will be one of my top priorities together with improvement of math education and implementation of proactive drugs and substance abuse prevention practices.

Kathy Shields

Environmental sustainability is definitely a priority for me when it comes to building design and maintenance issues.  We have a population of aged school buildings which need replacement and upgrading, both for sustainability and educational reasons.  I think it is important for the School Committee to keep a focus on these much-needed projects, and to work with our partners in the City to get funding to complete them as promptly and efficiently as possible.  


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