School Recycling Policy

Newton School Committee unanimously voted to pass a School Recycling Policy on May 13th 2019. 

Approved: May 13, 2019

The Newton Public Schools recognize the need to make more efficient use of our natural resources, create markets for the materials collected in recycling programs, reduce solid waste volume and reduce waste disposal costs. The District is committed to purchasing products which are environmentally preferable and/or made of recycled materials whenever such products meet quality requirements and are available at reasonable prices and terms.

District schools will recycle, whenever feasible, materials that would otherwise become waste, including paper, cardboard, bottles, and cans. This is in support of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s waste bans.

Success in reducing waste through recycling is based on the cooperation of all the individuals in the school community. Wherever practical, recycling containers will be collocated with trash receptacles to encourage participation. Additionally, to ensure success in the recycling efforts, all district personnel are expected to support recycling efforts throughout the schools and teachers are encouraged to include educational lessons on recycling in their curriculums.

The school committee shall make its best effort to ensure recycling policy is aligned with the City of Newton’s sustainability practices.

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