Recycling Signage

Did you know that Newton schools do not have enough recycling bins and most of them do not have accurate signs listing what materials are recyclable? We need volunteers from every school to fix this problem now! Please join our efforts to ensure schools have recycling bins and signs so that the recycling is not thrown away or contaminated with trash. Contact us at [email protected] in order to coordinate a school-wide effort. We can provide information on how to order more bins and how have the posters printed for free or low cost.

Recycling Signs

The posters below are available to Newton schools at no charge to help guide what goes where: recycling, composting, or trash. Please check at each school page on this website how many of each type of poster will be needed. 

Office/Classroom Signage Cafeteria/Kitchen Signage
Recycling Sign (Green)
Recycling Sign (Blue)
Trash Sign
Recycling Sign (Green)
Recycling Sign (Blue)
Trash Sign (With Organics Collection)
Trash Sign (Without Organics Collection)
Food Scraps Sign

Brought to you by Green Newton School Connections and City of Newton, Department of Public Works, Sustainable Materials Management office.