Recycling at NPS

While all NPS schools currently have a recycling dumpster and bins, the operations within each school are inconsistent. If available, they rely on volunteer efforts (teacher, staff, student or parent) to work with custodians to ensure recycling happens. No one is officially responsible for recycling planning, implementation, monitoring and promotion. Efforts fall apart as recycling volunteers graduate or leave. It is an unsustainable model.

At School Connections we are discussing and proposing improvements for recycling in Newton Public Schools. 

The list of benefits of recycling (and better managing waste) is long and is measurable. But the greatest benefit of all is probably the future impact of students who learn to use natural resources wisely and efficiently.

“Even the smallest recycling program requires cooperation among the administration, faculty, custodians, parents groups and students. Programs that are successful have garnered the support and commitment from each of these groups early in the planning process. School principals have an overarching interest and understanding of their school’s functions. Teachers have a keen understanding of student abilities and educational opportunities. Custodians are expert in their awareness of the building, the flow and composition of its wastes and possible sites to store materials. Students have fun suggestions for promotion and they are willing recyclers.”
(MassRecycle, p. 11)

School Recycling Policy

Newton School Committee unanimously voted to pass a School Recycling Policy on May 13th 2019.  File: DJAA – RECYCLING Approved: May 13, 2019 The Newton Public Schools recognize the need to make more efficient use of our natural resources, create markets for the materials collected in recycling programs, reduce solid waste volume and reduce waste … Continue reading School Recycling Policy

Recycling Signage

Did you know that Newton schools do not have enough recycling bins and most of them do not have accurate signs listing what materials are recyclable?

MassDEP School Recycling Assistance Grant

School Connections worked with Newton Public Schools (NPS) and Newton Department of Public Works (DPW) to prepare a  School Recycling Assistance Grant offered by Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)