School Connections works to improve sustainability in Newton Public Schools. We believe the best way to address this issue is to institutionalize environmental practices, such as recycling, food waste management, and energy consumption. Some of our initiatives include:

We also support another Green Newton initiative: Students for a Greener World.


Here we share current and past green initiatives at individual Newton schools. Tell us what your school is doing regarding sustainability and the environment.

School Sustainability Working Group

NPS School Sustainability Working Group (SSWG) partners with Green Newton School Connections to improve sustainable practices in the areas of transportation, energy, recycling, and food services in all schools.

Recycling at NPS

At School Connections we are discussing and proposing improvements for recycling in Newton Public Schools. 
* School Recycling Policy (passed in May 2019)
* MassDEP School Recycling Assistance Grant (filed in June 2019)
* Recycling Signage in all schools (in progress)
* Sustainability Coordinator for Newton Public Schools


We have partnered with Newton Safe Routes to School to promote more sustainable and healthier ways to go to school. Our initiatives include: Anti-idling campaign Walking and biking to school Increasing bus ridership and electric buses More at: Newton Safe Routes to School  and  Idle Free Newton

Climate Education

Green Newton School Connections is advocating for more Climate Education in Newton schools. Please join us as we work to strengthen climate literacy and justice for our students.

School Waste Assessment Survey

The Survey was created by the Sustainable Materials Management office in the DWP. It was taken by GN School Connections volunteers and DWP summer interns.

Food Recovery Program

Inspired by the successful Food recovery program Wellesley Public Schools is implementing, GN School Connections is exploring the possibility of introducing it to Newton Public Schools.

Elections 2019

On November 5, 2019, Newton voters will have the opportunity to vote for the School Committee members for the 2020-2021 term. We want to know how candidates approach and prioritize sustainability.