Student Voice: Why we need climate education in our schools

By Ahona Dam, 10th Grader at Newton South High School –

Being a youth leader for the 4C Tree Project and a volunteer intern at Green Newton, I have learned a lot about city initiatives and the importance of trees in our environment. However, I don’t know if I would have been as aware of our planet or our community’s efforts had I not joined Green Newton.

We need climate education in our schools because education is one of the most important ways people can be more aware. I think it is important to explain climate change and its causes in a detailed way to ensure that students understand the rapid changes that are occurring on our planet. Every year in science class we briefly go over climate change however we barely spend a week learning about the causes and effects that climate change has on communities.

Climate education doesn’t have to only be taught in science classes. Climate change has affected so many people around the world and has left some as climate refugees. We can begin to learn more about this in history and understand how certain countries are dealing with climate refugees.

If students aren’t educated about the cause of climate change then they won’t understand how to combat it. With climate education, students will be prepared to have conversations with their parents/relatives and they will feel more comfortable to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. I believe that when there is a global problem, such as climate change, individuals have to be aware and educated in order to understand how to remedy the problem. To solve a problem, we must start small and focus on individuals, then communities, and finally focus on a national scale.

I definitely don’t know everything about climate change, however I want to be able to concretely
understand the science behind greenhouse gas emissions and learn about how climate change is affecting communities around the world. I want to know about specific innovations that have been created. I want to be part of the solution by educating myself on the problem and then take specific actions that will benefit my community.

This essay was presented at the May 10th, 2021 School Committee Meeting as a public comment.