Saving Energy with The Green Team

This week’s featured topic is Saving Energy. Teaching students to conserve energy introduces them to the value of energy efficiency. Students can learn how reducing energy consumption can have a positive impact on the environment.

Here are some activities and lesson plans that THE GREEN TEAM has created or collected about saving energy at home:

  • THE GREEN TEAM Light Bulb Energy Efficiency Lesson: Aligned with Massachusetts curriculum standards, this lesson plan, answer key, and pledge card encourage students to calculate the impact of switching to more energy efficient light bulbs as an action to mitigate climate change.
  • Cambridge Energy Alliance Energy Efficiency Lesson Plans: This document compiles a number of activities and lesson plans on energy efficiency, with separation by activity length and topic. Easily adaptable for home use, these lesson plans engage students with hands-on projects on subjects such as wind energy, energy conservation, and insulation.
  • Energy Savings Challenge: Teachers create a list of energy saving tasks and assign a point value to each one: turn off lights (5 points), unplug electronics/appliances while not in use (5 points), switch to LEDs (15 points), electronics free day (10 points), etc. Challenge students to reach 25 points the first week, 50 points the next week, and so on for the entire month of April. Students can also be challenged to create energy saving posters and signs to display around the house.

Presented by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. More at The Green Team