Student Voice: Signing up for 100% Green Energy

By Arshia Verma (Newton South, Class of 2023), Nov 2019 – 

As we discuss climate change, the solutions to tackle this life-changing situation should be in the forefront. One significant problem is residential energy: how much energy is being used by households, how much they are paying for it and what the origin of the energy is. Environmentally, this is a significant issue because of greenhouse gas emissions – we should avoid dirty fossil fuels.   

The saying “for every problem, there is a solution” is most applicable here. Newton Power Choice is a city-vetted alternative to various electricity offers in the market. Newton Power Choice uses renewable energy providing price stability, consumer protections, and potential for savings. Newton Power Choice is a form of group electricity purchasing known as electricity aggregation. Already, more than 140 communities in the state of Massachusetts are engaged in electricity aggregation. When you join and participate, Newton Power Choice’s price is calculated to supply the charge portion of your Eversource electricity bill. 

Newton Power Choice has three options to choose from that give greater control over environmental characteristics. With Newton Power Choice, Newton supports the development of renewable electricity in New England. Electricity customers who take no action at all match 60% of their electricity use (including the 14% that is mandated by state law) with renewables like solar and wind. However, if customers opt up to 100%, they match all of their electricity use with green sources. One thing to keep in mind is that all energy sources for these programs are New England-based renewable energy projects. 

According to Green Newton: “opting up is a low cost but high impact way to lower your carbon footprint.” 

With this information, the question is: how will you benefit from opting up to 100% at Newton Power Choice? In many ways! Newton will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to protect our health from dirty fossil fuels, it creates regional jobs, and keeps billions of dollars in state. This is a win-win situation that supports the raging topic of climate change and how to fix it and it benefits the city of Newton, your home and people’s well being. 

Opting up to 100% green energy will create a healthier atmosphere that will benefit your children and upcoming generations, and will ultimately benefit you now by giving you affordable renewable energy.