Our Vision for 2020

As 2019 comes to a close and we celebrate many big steps forward when it comes to sustainability in Newton Public Schools — thanks to a lot of work from dedicated community members, including parents, teachers, students, staff, administrators, elected officials… — we pause for reflection. 

What is our vision for 2020?
What schools do we want for our children? 

We asked those questions at our last meeting (11/14) and we are hoping to discuss this more thoroughly next year.

We are inspired by Boston Public Schools Vision

“A green school is a school that 1. reduces environmental impacts and costs; 2. improves occupants’ health and performance; 3. increases environmental and sustainability literacy.”

Do you have other ideas? Please, share with us. Comment below or send us an email

Happy Solstice and our Best Wishes for a Sustainable New Year!

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