Climate Action: “How To Talk To Kids About Climate Change”

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By Anya Kamenetz, October 24, 2019

A few months ago, I was standing at the sink in the kitchen. Suddenly my daughter, who’s seven, said, “You’re lucky you got to have your adulthood before the planet was completely destroyed by climate change.” I didn’t know this was on her mind. I hadn’t spent all that much time talking to her about it.

And the worst part, somehow, is that her voice wasn’t full of emotion. It was completely matter-of-fact. Like, oh well, we don’t have time to stop for ice cream, and I don’t get to grow up in a world with a functioning ecosystem.

How do you comfort a child when the science suggests she’s correct? These six tips form a guide to parenting through a slow-motion emergency.

  1. Break the silence
  2. Give your kids the basic facts
  3. Get outdoors
  4. Focus on Feelings
  5. Take action
  6.  Find Hope

When I think about the options available to me as a mother in 2019 trying to cope with a global crisis while also paying my mortgage and packing lunches, I don’t see “hope” as a landing place or a single destination. I see myself facing the facts, taking action, and offering comfort when I feel stronger, and taking breaks, reaching out for support, and looking to others to carry on when I get tired. It’s all a cycle, or in DeMocker’s words, a dance.