Resources: Energy Education and Management: A Foundation for Sustainable Schools and Districts

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Free Webinar: Energy Education and Management: A Foundation for Sustainable Schools and Districts
Monday September 23, 2019
4:00pm – 5:00pm ET
Hosted by our Western States Catalyst partners, this free webinar will focus on two exciting ways that energy can become a foundation for your sustainability initiatives. In the first half of this webinar, Tashanda Giles-Jones, from Environmental Charter Schools (ECS) in southern California, will share how her team used Energy as the Context for Deeper Learning. By leveraging local sustainability issues, ECS has developed a process that integrates field work, service-learning, and civic action to breath life into their curriculum and deepen learning. In the second half of this webinar, Ryder Delaloye, from Whitefish School District in Montana, will share how supporting teachers to Develop a Classroom Energy Management Plan has become an integral part of their District Energy Management Plan, using real-time data to benchmark and develop action plans that ensure the efficient use of resources in their schools. By engaging students in day-to-day operations and management, Whitefish has been able to save money, decrease its footprint, and increase student and faculty engagement.
This webinar is the first in GSNN’s new webinar series which will highlight best practices in green, healthy, and sustainable schools from our Catalyst Network partners.
The next webinar will be held on October 28, 2019 and will explore food systems. Up-to-date information on webinars and other GSNN events can be found on our Events Page.