School Connections takes letter about hiring a Coordinator of Sustainability to the School Committee

After gathering 139 signatures of support for the letter asking that Newton School Committee Members consider hiring a dedicated Sustainability Coordinator for Newton Public Schools during fiscal year ’20, four GN School Connections representatives, including a student from Newton South, presented the petition to the School Committee on Monday, December 10th (see minutes).

Carolyn Lattin, co-chair of School Connections, introduced the group and highlighted that a Sustainability Coordinator for the schools could help the schools make changes that would save the district money, but, maybe even more importantly, it would also demonstrate to students and city residents that the district is committed to the lessons it teaches students about sustainability and climate change.

Andrew Thompson, Newton South History and Sustainability teacher, made a great case for the importance of sustainability to be an integral part of education and day-to-day life in schools.

Download Letter here.
Download Cover Letter here.