Letter asking to hire a dedicated Sustainability Coordinator for Newton Public Schools

GN School Connections wrote the letter below in October 2018. We gathered 139 signatures of support from concerned Newton citizens.

Download Letter here.

Dear Mayor Fuller, Newton School Committee Members and Superintendent Fleishman,

While we, the people of Newton, prize sustainability as a city, this value is not apparent to our students because environmental practices are not institutionalized in our schools.
We do not “walk the walk” by modeling sustainability for our students and families. To this end, I ask that you consider hiring a dedicated Sustainability Coordinator for Newton Public Schools during fiscal year ‘20.

At present, without such a coordinator, when Newton schools attend to environmental issues, it is usually because a concerned teacher or parent group drives the issue forward. Sadly, when dedicated educators retire or move to new opportunities, their efforts to model sustainable practices conclude. Likewise, when dedicated parents “graduate” with their children, their efforts within our schools also grind to a halt. When interested volunteers again arise, they must restart environmental efforts, often from zero. This constant reinvention of best practices is both frustrating and wasteful.

Hiring a Sustainability Coordinator specific to Newton Public Schools would allow our schools to institutionalize green practices and end our complete dependence on educator and parent volunteers.

If Newton Public Schools effectively model sustainability, it will become second nature to our children. They will take these practices into their adult lives, their homes and their futures.


GN School Connections

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